He's supposed to come over tonight, hasn't responded in 3 hours?

I've been seeing this guy since the summer, we started out casually and then noticed he was serious about me and so was I. Keep in mind though he hasn't asked me straight up to be his girlfriend or made it fb official, shared pics of us together or anything. Anyways I already graduated a few years back he's in his last year of college. We don't live close but I've been making the effort to drive up and see him every weekend and he doesn't have access to a car on residence. Every now and then he comes down to see me. A few weekends ago I spent the weekend with him and we got into our first little argument, but everything seemed fine after. We've done a lot of fun things together and seemed to really like each other. Last weekend however he didn't make plans to see me, and thinking he was busy with school work, he told me he went out to a party over the weekend when he called me this past Tuesday night, and then asking what I did over the weekend.. Then he said he'd like to come to my area this weekend coming up and I said that would be great. So late this morning I messaged him and asked if he still plans on coming over for tonight and if he wants to have dinner with me. And 3 hours later, still no response. For the past while I felt nervous and anxious, and can't relax. Is he going to bail on me?
He's supposed to come over tonight, hasn't responded in 3 hours?
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