Guys, would you feel insecure if you found out the girl you were dating was well off?

I was dating a guy, we both really liked each other, but we're from two different backgrounds, in cultures, and social class. He kind of backed off when things started to be good, he told me he couldn't be romantic with me anymore, but that he really liked me. After he broke it off, we remained friends, and hung out quite a lot. He would always then throw it in my face about the girls he would meet, and sleep with. He kept on sleeping around for a while, and was all over the place. I just ignored that, and held it all in because I still had feelings for him. I left the country, to go back home to my family, and haven't heard from him in a while. I found out two days ago from my sister that he's in between jobs, and lives in a hostel. He knows that I'm well off, even though I never flaunted it, or even mention it. Would you break it off with a girl, and wouldn't feel good enough if she was more well off than you? And you felt like you couldn't give her anything in return?


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  • It depends how she is with me and not make me feel that way then I would be fine wyit

    • Well the guy I was with had major insecurity issues, he was also depressed, and suicidal. I never made him feel bad about himself, I loved him for him. He just decided to throw it away.

    • Well since he had so many other issues then I could see why