Can I trust me girlfriend?

My girlfriend is really insecure & has troubled past b/c of it. Has admitted that she slept around in the past 20+ guys. Really bothers me, but I do like her. She makes slutty comments sometimes which are annoying... but she's really into me.

im wondering if she's only into me because she's insecure & ashamed on being a former Slut and just need validation. Or if she is truly loves me

She is pretty hot but I know from mutual friends a little crazy. She's a tad jealous & controlling, which ultimately I don't mind.

We are temporarily in a long distance relationship. I'm just worried that because she's so needy and worried about me and insecure with herself that she'll cheat.

I do my best to show her I love her, while keeping my dignity


What Girls Said 1

  • Sometime sluts settle down... not all girls who r slutty in their youth, stay slutty for life...
    She is probably into u if she not cheating on u. U want to give her enough to keep her happy, but not so much that she'll take advantage of u...


What Guys Said 1

  • If it's long distance she's probably fucking other people and using you as emotional support

    • I would tend to agree with you but I don't know. Like she's super into me, sometimes to the point that it's worrisome. Like I gotta show her attention a lot. So basically she appears to be more into me than I am into her. But just wondering if she's cheating

    • Some girls know how to manipulate a man; and being super into is a good way to manipulate