Was this being too needy?

So I've been seeing this girl for about two months. We're not official or anything but we are intimate and we have a lot in common. She lives 50 miles away from me so I can only see her twice a week. So in between seeing her, I can get a bit anxious but I'm pretty good at not showing it once I see her.

Anyways just last weekend when I dropped her off, things were a bit quiet but we had a pretty fulfilling weekend and she's also an introvert at times. When we went to say goodbye, we affectionately hugged (her arms and legs wrapped around me) and It slipped out and I said that I'd miss her. She replied saying "Ah cute" and went for a kiss which I rejected and stared at her until she said "I'll miss you too, don't worry."

Was that being too needy? would you girls think that would be cute or desperate?
Was this being too needy?
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