Talking about Confidence?

Well a lot of times people say that most guys who can't get a women lack confidence. They also say to fake it until you make it. That is especially difficult when you have a horrible track record, not know what to say, and on top of it anytime you talk to a girl it never works out (or they just choose other guys over you). So how is a guy whom always sees failure supposed to get confidence when everything he seems to try doesn't seem to work the way he plans it. So it comes down how can someone like that is supposed to really get confidence, and eventually get the girl/woman?


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  • He needs to start succeeding in other areas of life.


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  • You expect failure and have the wrong attitude as well. You need stop seeing things as failure and more as learning mistakes. And you should keep trying and never give up. Expecting failure will bring you failure, always remeber that man.

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