Wtf should I do?

ok I started dating my girlfriend for thirteen days and I haven't talked to her in nine days I tried talking to her twice and yesterday I was just like when you get free I need to talk to you I don't date people really I can't talk to at least every couple days and I can't keep daiting her if she is gonna do me like this how should I deal with this and she is suicidal so I'm scared to say anything about it?


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  • You're boyfriend is probably mad you don't talk to him.

    • If I'm not gonna talk to her and she is not gonna respond to me how do I break up with her in a respectful way

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  • If there is no communication, your efforts are futile. She doesn't seem to be trying to keep your relationship alive.

    • How should I break up with her in a respectful way

    • Tell her "You cannot expect me to keep trying all the time. All I do is try to be close to you but you keep driving me away. I am sorry, I've tried a lot but I do not see this working out. I deserve to be with someone who puts the same amount of effort that I do."

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