Do you guys call or text the girl you are in love with at least once a day?


do you guys call or text the girl you are in love with at least once a day.without her doing so first and even if you guys are not in a relationship with each other?

i think the guy in question is in love with me but we live in separate countries and he is 11 years older than me.could it be that I am just mistaken?

we have met whenever I go to his country or vice-versa and everyone seems to think we are going out because we are soo made for each other.but why doesn't HE call or msg.should I stop doing it.just to see if he cares enough?

thx for answering.


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  • yes I text her or say I used should not be a first person do it because you wanted to not because they did it first.and if he cared he'd do it some way or other.or their is some body in his town you don't know about.

  • Yes I do I'm still unfortunately in love with my ex and we text and talk daily but I try to make it a point that she's first to text and she always calls I never call her I just don't want to seem needy so I wait 4 her to contact me

    • But what if I think the same...that I don't wanna seem needy?

    • Idk some1 gotta be the needy one lol

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