Should I wait until he texts me?

Really interested in this guy but he absolutely sucks at texting back or keeping a text conversion going. I texted him yesterday and we had a short conversation and I didn't respond because I had no idea what else to say. My best friend thinks I shouldn't text him again until he reaches out to me. I know he will be back from out of town this week but he will have more training to do the first week of December, so if we don't meet this week I won't see him for another two weeks. Then of course Christmas and New years is coming right after that. I feel like I should just communicate the way I know he responds to but I hate pursuing all the time. What should I do?

He's 36 and I'm 24. He has 3 kids and has been divorced for 4 years.


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  • Hm, that sort of game can be dangerous mate trust me. You might decide to wait for him to text to show his interest level in you and recieve no text at all.

    Now you're sad and denying yourself something you want to do simply to gauge interest or because of how we perceive it looks to someone else if we text more than they do.

    Continue texting him, the way you do now. Possibly make light jokes IN PERSON at his horrible texting patterns, and he may change them.

    • I completely agree. I know he sucks at texting and I have pretty much figured out a good time of day to text him when I know he will mostly likely read it immediately. We really enjoy spending time together but I know he is afraid of getting burned again. I am, too but I'm really into him and I think the kind games are dumb.

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    • Yeah, especially if you're really into him, try and avoid those text games and mind games if you can. Sometime you have to take the hit somewhere in the relationship where it feels unbalance on the surface, like you imitate more than him, or he responds as if he's uninterested and you have to keep the conversation going but it can truly just be people's habits sometime or there trying to do as society teaches and make the other do the work, and then you miss out on talking to each other, of both people do that.

      And yeah, he's probably just reserved because the past burned him, so it's gonna take some work and time before you get him to show more from his side.

      Hope it works out really well for you though mate :)

    • I appreciate your advice. I do hope it works out because I can see a good future with this guy. 😅

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  • You're friends right, don't text him. If he was that interested he'd make the effort, he's not. Don't waste your time, don't chase him up. Be really mature about it and cut your losses, if he asks why, say you could clearly tell he wasn't interested in conversation and that's fine but you're not going to chase him up to get him to talk to you.

  • Wait to see if he texts you, if he doesn't, text him and see!

  • Honestly you two are adults. I think by your ages you should be doing more calling and video chatting than texting. Texting and waiting sounds like something teenagers worry about. I'm 18 and the guy I'm into is 19. He always calls or asks to call when he wants to talk.

    • I wouldn't mind talking on the phone more but I work a lot so it's not great for me to try and be on the phone most of the time during the day. He complained before that when we talk on the phone, we went up talking for an hour and sometimes he has other things to do but honestly that's his fault. I have no clue what good schedule is like lol..

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