Should I reject him?

I met this dude named John a few months ago and at first it seemed like he was just lusting after to me. Our conversations always turned sexual and he was always being incredibly touchy feely. After some time he's changed a lot though. He makes sure to talk to me everyday, he walks me home, he's always offering to buy/give me things, he invited me to his family's Thanksgiving dinner, he confides in me about important stuff that even his best friends don't know, and we text pretty much everyday. He turned out to be a really nice guy, but he has a lot of red flags. He has ADHD so he can get really hyper, and he struggles to pay attention to some things, and he sometimes doesn't know how to act in social situations. Sometimes it's like he's a little kid. Because he's so childish and a social wreck he only really has two close friends, both of which are really shitty people. One is a guy named Eric that I used to be friends with until he admitted he had a crush on me and I rejected him so he started talking badly about me and always tries to tell John to stop talking to me. Although John always defends me when Eric starts talking badly about me he always excuses and says that Eric is just joking. The other is a girl who has some really bad emotional issues. Also John is kind of dumb. I don't mean it to be insulting, it's just the truth. He thought Mexico was a continent. It's really hard for me to decide what to do because it seems like he cares about me a lot but also he's a mess. He's dumb as a rock, a social wreck, and one out of his two friends hates me.

  • Give him a chance 👍🏽
  • Reject him 👎🏽
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  • If you don't feel the same, then its better to reject him because you don't want to lead him on and make him think that there'sva chance of hen there's none. You could also be honest with him by telling him how you feel about his personality and trouble friends.

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