What. Do. I. Get. My. Boyfriend. For. Christmas?

I have to get him something but I have absolutely no freaking idea what to get him and Christmas is only a month away


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  • I saw you say to another user that he reads a lot. I can recommend books. Does he have a specific genre he prefers?

    • mostly fiction, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, stuff similar to that.

    • Looking for Alaska by John Green is a young adult novel that I love. If he likes creepy fiction try Misery by Stephen King the villain is based on a real life serial killer that was also a good book. Another creepy book is Devil in the White City by Erik Larson except this was a very real serial killer. You can also get him short Harry Potter stories like Quidditch through the ages, Tales of Beedle the Bard, or Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

    • He also does like John Greene now, he didn't until I forced him to read tfios and paper towns, but looking for Alaska I know has sex in it and he gets REALLY uncomfortable. Thanks for he advice, I might type one of those

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  • Try to make something for him that is considerate. You know him best.

    An example could be this:
    My brother's ex did this for him and inside the book compartment there was his favourite chocolate, a steam gift card and so on.

    Perhaps you could do something like that - and it can have a combination of tiny gifts inside for him.

  • What does he like?

    • He's a gamer, listens to rock/metal music, and watches a lot of anime. Also he likes horror movies and reads a lot.

    • Maybe an Anime DVD set? Comic books? His favorite rock band's album? Video games like Call of Duty or another one of those killing games 😂

  • Go by what he likes that's what I'm going to do for my boyfriend.

  • Shoes, electronics, sports gear, coffee maker. It really depends what he likes.