The mind says no but the heart is opening up?

I've been seeing this girl for the past month and things have been going fairly well. We've probably seen each other like 7 times and we started sleeping with each other on the second date. Anyway, I just got out of a 1 year relationship 2 weeks before we started dating so I don't feel ready for anything serious, also while I find her to be very sweet and kind and attractive there are things/flags that bother me enough for my brain to say she's not the one for you even though we're compatible. I know that she really likes me and she's hinting that she wants more and my brain is saying no but my heart is starting to catch feelings for her.
This morning we both agreed that all we really want is someone to settle with in life and then she said "but noooo you have to leave in a year (moving countries)". I replied with yea I do and you know that I just got out of a relationship so I'm not ready for anything serious, I just to date for now. She seemed fairly sad as she was about to leave and I tried getting her to talk about it but she wouldn't open up and just denied. Don't know what to do.
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Well crazy enough, she just texted me saying that she's already falling for me and knowing that I'm not ready for anything serious and that I'm leaving she can no longer see me. I'm actually so happy right now :), turns out I didn't like her at all.
The mind says no but the heart is opening up?
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