Is this a rejection?

I asked my crush if we could talk after school/work. She told me that her grad courses were in full swing immediately after her internship where we work got out. I told her that I had something to get off my chest. She turned away, visibly occupying herself for an awkward minute before turning back again saying "I would, but I just can't". Taking this as a cue to leave an awkward situation of my own making I went to leave. Then, she stopped me, again, reiterating the same thing. I assured her it was okay and she drew me BACK in talking about my sub schedule. Left when the buses arrived. It was my intention to admit to her that I had a massive crush on her since meeting her at the thesis presentation week last spring. I am almost certain she knows. So, my sister says she thinks that the girl was trying to get me to spit it out. My question is, does this seem like trying to let me down easy? I've never actually not hidden my attraction before so I don't know what rejection looks like.


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  • Why can't you just ask her out? I don't see what the issue is. You're 23 dude, relationships don't start by someone randomly confessing that they have a crush on the other person anymore. Ask her out, flirt with her, take things smoothly and see how things go. Cut all this 'confession' crap. If she doesn't want to go out with you, assume she's not interested and save yourself the embarrassment of confessing your deep and sincere love for a girl only to get rejected.