Did I scare this guy away from me?

I used to date a guy and it kind of morphed into a fuck buddy thing that has lasted about a month. I hadn't seen him in a month though because he had been a little distant. He reached out just to chat after this distance just a week ago and I replied as if no time had ever passed. He then just called me a few days ago to meet up, and I told him in a very calm, non-bitchy, non-mean way, "I'm gonna be honest, I just wanted to get to know you, and I noticed it kind of turned into a fuck-buddy thing, which wasn't my intention. If you would like to get to know each other, that's cool, and if not, that's totally fine too, but just know I won't continue." So he understood and said, "yeah we could hang out" and suggested getting drunk together, which I said, "Sure, we can go for drinks" Yet, he never made any actual plans.
It's been 3 days since our conversation and he hasn't asked me out or anything.

However, he texted me an image that said Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, and I replied, yet he didn't continue the conversation or anything.
Did I scare him off by saying that I would like for us to get to know each other? If I scared him away or turned him off, would he have ever sent me the Happy Thanksgiving text?

What can I do? just chill out for the time being? How long should I give him before giving up?


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  • He didn't want a relationship and was happy with the fuck buddy arrangement. I'd move on

    • I think I may miss having sex with him. If I suggest that we have sex again, will he say no?

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    • Thanks for the advice. Sorry for badgering you

    • you're welcome. no apology necessary

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  • Both of you want entirely different things. He wants sex with no commitment, while you want a relationship. When he realized that you were looking for something serious, he decided to bail. I'd recommend you not to contact him.