How can I tell him we're strictly friends?

It urks me how guys can be so cocky thinking they'll eventually pursue the girl. Currently, there's this guy who I see just as a friend but either he likes me or he's just a flirt in general. He does brag about a lot and in my eyes, he really ain't sh*t lol so I just stare at him when he tells me these things and act neutral, its funny to see him disappointed that I'm not impressed. However, he continues to do things that insinuate he wants to pursue me some way. I've already stated that we're just friends and made small comments that should tell him we're just friends but he doesn't get it. We are going to his friend's birthday party and I think he thinks I'm going as his date. I'm going as his friend and I for sure don't want his friends to think we are something or I'm the new girl in his life. So I want to tell him something like "hey so I wanna make sure your friends don't think we're dating or anything, we're just friends." But I feel like that makes me look like I'm being controlling or bad in some way. But if I tell him in an unclear way, he might not get the idea. How can I just let him know we are not going as an "item" ?


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  • Just tell him straight up your just freinds and ask him to stop trying to flirt with you. Don't beat around the bush.

    I had a girl string me along until I asked her out and she said that were just freinds. Like really she could have told me at any time to stop flirting with her but she either liked it to much to ask me to stop or was to much of a coward to just tell me to stop. With you it sounds like he is not taking a hint so just tell him polity but firmly.

    • I said I did tell him straight up we're just friends and I've made small comments hinting it too so straight up nor signs work with this guy.

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    • Then be really blunt. His feelings don't matter at that point. He already is not listening to you. So it is his fault if he hurts himself more.

    • That's what I'm saying

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  • Ask for the address and tell him "I'll see ya there bud."

    Or ask him if he has any cute friends who will be there that he can hook you up with

    • Omg lol that's exactly what I was going to tell him ! 😂 If he has any cute friends that I can dance with lol. I'm not sure though if I should just say that or say that after I make it clear to him that we're just friends? I think I'm gonna tell him that though it'll really kick him in the face

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  • Just tell him he's been friend-zoned and you will never be bf/gf. Can't be put plainer or more obvious than that. Granted a lot of guys can't handle that and end up unfriending you.

    • I guess but I have told him straight up about how I feel and he continues to push it. Like right after I said we're just going to friends he started touching my thigh almost and I'm like um back off? He kept hugging me and I didn't hug him back once. Some guys are clearly extremely stubborn and cocky

  • stick up for yourself and tell him to his face. don't do it in front of his friends though he'll hate you for that

    • Hahaha okay but if he keeps pushing it I might have to embarrass him in front of his friends. I mean it's his fault if he told them we're more than friends and I have a different view on the whole thing. Should've listen to me in the first place

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