He hasn't texted me yet, is this bad?

Well... I know it sounds lame... Anyway, I met this guys shortly after I start to do internship in another country. He's working near my company. We both work in finance industry. We are dating For nearly 3 months. During thAt period there is nearly one month that he's having holiday Australia, and he text me twice a week which is acceptable. But , after he had been on business trip last Thursday and totally did not text me. (He should have been back This Thursday)

I was also traveling during last weekend, but my colleague said she saw him in Bus on Friday ( not 100% sure it's him). It sounds suspicious but I did not say anything since I have no actual prove.

But I kind of having a bad feeling that he's lying.
Because his ex is crazily posting picture which were located near his place. I also did not take that seriously in the beginning, because she post Everyyhing about her life and I think if they are really together again, she will for sure post a picture with him jointly.
But I am insecure, and I know this insecurity will create problem as well as killing a relationship.
So , I texted him on Monday just want to see how things going. I told him I need some advice for my career before a coming interview. My text is very brief and short. He answered me after some hours and we had a short phone call for half an hour at one a clock in the morning. He said he's super dead at work and nicely explained me everything.

Then on Wednesday I shortly texted him a joke and he replied positively, after one more round. I didn't reply his last message which is short and not a question.
Since Wednesday till now I just did not open whatsapp and totally be offline till now.
I know he has back from the trip unless something urgent happened. Shall I text him again or simply wait?
And is his ex a red flag?

Today he sent me a text and ask me out tomorrow. After a bit chat, I asked back so when is good for you tomorrow? He disappeared totally for 7 hours :). So I directly told him I don't like this behavior. He returned quickly and said sorry many times and saying he will check online what is good now. And suggested we meet up to see an expo, I was so pissed that I said no, there is nothing tomorrow. I have a feeing he treats me like a back up plan. but when I'm with him he's alwayso caring.


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  • You both are in a relationship, you should text each other. There's no harm and it's essential in a relationship. I think you're thinking about his ex too much, you shouldn't worry about it unless you saw something from him. His ex might be red flag hence 'ex' and living in the same area, but ask yourself, will he be fooling with his ex? Don't worry too much.

    • No. The ex is in Milan and he's in another country. She posted picture at exact same time of she's flying from Milan to here when he said he's on business trip. Then a couple of pictures of the landscape near his place. then exact the same time when he told me he will return, she posted pictures to fly away... I mean... This is too "coinsidence "..

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  • Worry... his why would his ex post a pic near his place? And he should be keeping in touch more especially long distance..

    • Yes I also think so. Worrying. He texted me today and directly asked me out tomorrow. After a bit chat I lasted him the exact time tomorrow and when. He just disappeared. I kind of feel like I'm the back up plan and I simply did not respond afterwards.

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