I don't understand guys?

He's my ex, but we still talk to each other every day.

Thing is, he will only call me at certain hours.

For instance at night after dinner. Even though he's free in the afternoon, he will only call me at night. I don't understand why, when I ask him, he will just tell me that he was waiting for me to talk to him first, and he likes seeing me sending him message in the morning and will read it over and over again. But he wouldn't do that to me, like sending me a message in the morning!

So what he wants actually, what's his intention?

He does have feelings for me or just trying to keep me with him?

He's my ex, we broke up because of family issues, it wasn't because we don't have feelings for each other anymore.


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  • ...I don't get it. He's your ex, but you still flirt, he tells you he reads your texts messages over and over in the morning, and you want him to call you multiple times during the day? Doesn't sound like an ex relationship to me

    • Agreed.. :) you should elaborate, Question Asker

    • Yeah, why are you asking if he has feelings for you - he is your ex.

      A more reasonable question would be to ask if you guys should try getting back together or should yo broach it with him, or should you move on..

      But keeping you around as an ex, what does that even mean, that would make you more like a concubine.

    • Maybe you can say its something like unofficial relationship, that probably sounds better. He expects us to be close friends, that's why he told me he enjoys reading my texts. I don't expect him to call me multiple times a day but I'm just curious, he expects me to call him in stead of he himself calling me first.

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  • i went trough the same thing move on he's just doing it because! guys are immature he still needs to grow up. he doesn't know what he wants he may have feelings for you but he could be telling every girl he gets happy when he gets a texts.hes probably with someone elese when he calls you only at dinner. be smart he's ur ex for a reason.

  • i think he's just trying to keep you there. you know what I mean?