How would you tell you someone you didn't want to date them anymore?

This has never happened to me before but I have been dating a guy (just dating as in going out on dates, not sex) for a month-Last night was 5th date.

I have decided that I am just not feeling him. I have tried to give him a chance as he is a decent guy but I'm just not into him for various reasons. One thing that annoys me is the way he acts like he has this big shot lifestyle and I know he's probably just trying to impress me but I'm just not impressed by things like that. My biggest bug is that he loves to talk about himself-Which is fine but I feel he barely asks stuff about me. Even when I ask questions that would normally prompt a 'what about you?' response. Regardless of that I can tell he really likes me and he's also told me straight up.

I feel bad and I don't want to just ghost or fizzle out but what should I say to him exactly?

A friend has suggested telling him the things that annoy me and try giving him a chance to change but I'm not sure about that.
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I may have miscounted on the five dates. Five meetings but 3 official dates.

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I have decided that he really isn't for me & I definitely do not want to see him anymore so I am going to do the fizzle out. If he asks any questions or doesn't seem to get the message I will tell him I do not think we are compatible.

I have a feeling he may have already gotten the message on the last date as I haven't heard from him too much since. Usually he has text me about his great weekend at some fancy restaurant or exclusive party by now!!

Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions :-)
How would you tell you someone you didn't want to date them anymore?
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