What does it mean when a college girl says to you " you're cool"?

Hello there, hoping that you can explain us how women think since I am unable to do so due to my lack of experience.

Yesterday night, after having a dinner and all with friends. There's one girl among them that tells me "you're cool". I didn't heard it well first, so I asked her "what did you say?". She told me again "you're cool".

So I replied that "I'm not as cool as you are". I don't know if it was a good response and want your feedbacks on this one.

However, my main question is to know if that girl that I like, is she giving a hint there that I can ask her out?
That she likes me too or am I misinterpreting things?

Looking forward to hear of you soon,

Best regards

  • She has friendzoned you
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  • Nothing much to think about this statement
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  • I wouldn't say a thing like that to a guy I wasn't having a vibe over... it seems like she could be hinting yes :P


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  • I don't she is into you. it's just a very vague statement. so don't get carried away.


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  • Friend zone. Honestly with how you replied it's a total friendzone now IMHO.

  • If you like her, then consider yourself lucky. Definitely appears to be an instinctive reaction.

  • I think "You're cool" is just a generic statement.


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