What can I do about Jealousy?

I think I have a problem with Jealousy.

When I know a girl, that I wanted to date or was a crush... and I see her talking to another guy I lose my stuff.

A couple examples:

I saw my crush flirting, laughing and sitting next to another guy... and I got really angry, I was angry for the rest of the day, and I put all my anger into my work... I really wanted to punch that guy. I really like her so much.

This one is weird, I met a girl on Tinder, although we never clicked and went out... we had each others Facebook and just became Friends... I don't even like her, care about dating her... but I saw her post a picture with another guy and I got angry. ( Which is strange because I don't even care about this girl)

How and Why do I get Jealous? What can I do about this? Is this normal?


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  • It's actually in my opinion normal to get jealous when you really like someone. However, the skill is in managing this jealousy. I don't think one can ever truly just NOT be jealous when it's your nature and how you are. Only thing you can do is to try to deal with it by finding a coping mechanism or outlet. For me distraction works. I try to distract myself by doing something fun or watch a interesting Youtube video. These are silly examples but it works. You need to find a healthy outlet and just learn to deal with it.


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  • Boyyyy I wouldn't date you to be honest. Too much jealous is a red flag for md


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