Free dating sites VS paid dating sites?

I'm debating on what kind of dating site to use. The guys around where I live just aren't my type, so I've been thinking about trying online dating. I figure that with paid dating sites, you might get more people that are a bit more dedicated than people on free dating sites (and possibly less creepers), but then again, there will be more people on the free dating sites I'm sure. The people on the free ones can be just as good as the ones on the paid sites, but I feel like there would be more shifty people on there.

So which do you think is better? Also if you have any dating site suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!


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  • I feel like it's about volume and variety, so free dating sites are the way to go. Way, way back in the day I tried some of the paid ones like Yahoo Personals, but that one had some weird stuff like the day before your subscription was set to expire, some paid members with very attractive profile pictures would message me. Then... silence.

    I mean, it could have been anything, with pretty much everything in the world, I prefer it when incentives are aligned. This is why "free" sites that are ad-driven are better. With an ad-driven site, they do better if users visit the site more and users will visit the site more if they have more people to meet and talk to.


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  • google the reviews to each website

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