Girls, Would you date or get into a relationship with a guy that's shorter than you when your wearing heels?

But when ur not wearing heels your shorter or the same height as him

  • Yes
    60% (6)
  • No
    40% (4)
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  • yes, height doesn't matter if he's cute and treats me like a queen.


What Girls Said 2

  • how many inches high?

    • 5 foot 5 to 5 foot 7

    • that's his height?
      If he is 5'ft 6" and up, I would still be shorter than him with my heels.

    • let me add that I had a friend who dated a guy quite shorter than her without any heels. And she said that height doesn't matter in love.

  • I dated a guy that was short, but taller than me in like 6 cm. So nope, no problem.