Does anyone else do this who is ACTIVE on social media? I never "like" the "tagged" photos of my crush because I think it looks creepy?

I may "like" photos they post but if I like him and it's just a crush (not yet in a relationship) and I see them tagged in a photo that pops up on my feed, I never "like" it because I feel like it's kinda creepy or weird since they themselves didn't post it and it's like I'm creeping on them.

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  • it depends how what the feed is and how is your social skills
    what about say his birthday cake cutting at his apartment.. mostly such pics are posted by friends who brought the cake gave him birthday bumps well you were not one of them because you couldn't or didn't wanted to be there

    now as a simple solution of this problem is if that pic really give you a good feel at first glance that's it And if no there are other feeds too

  • This site is the only social media I use..


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