He started dating a fatty?

I have been after this guy for months now. He seemed to be really interested in me. I model part time. He would burn me CD's, make comments about how he would think about me. I asked him out but he never responded to me. Recently, he asked a peer of mine out. She is about 5'9" tall and weighs 275 lbs. I hate it that I am thinking this way, but she is not attractive as I am. Why after all of the attention that he has put on me did he ask her out?


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  • I say lesson learned when dealing with guys. We may be more visual than you girls, but don't count us out that easy. Your situation is an example of this. Maybe there was something he saw in you that he didn't like that the other girl had. Maybe he didn't like your attitude. Who knows, but just move on and don't worry about it. You win some and you lose some.


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  • I had a friend I use to go to for relationship advice all the time... I never thought of her in that sense because she was not in that same category of women I perceived as beautiful... Well, within time I ended up falling for her when I found out she was better and a whole different category than the rest... Never realizing the perfect women for me and every other guy was right in front of me... It doesn't matter their appearance or anything else, personality goes a long way... Matter fact Now, I only like big girls

  • There is an old saying, "there is no accounting for taste." I see a lot of possibilities. It could be that he's into her personality. It could be because he doesn't have a stereotypical view of what beautiful is. It could be because he views it as the safe relationship. (I used to know this girl that would only date loser guys that she couldn't see having and actual future with. That way if they broke up with her, she wouldn't be crushed. Or at least that was the crazy theory. She seemed crushed a fair amount of the time anyway.) Anyway, that's the interpretations I get off the top of my head.

  • Maybe your have an air head personality and doesn't find you as attractive as her

    • Cocksucker


      I'm sorry but the fact that you refer to your peer as a fatty tells me all I need to know about your personality. You might be the hottest "model" out there but with an attitude like that well, you already know the answer.

  • Because as attractive as he might have found you, physical attraction isn't everything in a loving relationship. It's not that you think she's less attractive, it could be that he finds her more attractive.


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  • I don't know. That is weird. I don't know anything about you, so I can't truly answer your question. But that does sound strange...to go from model to complete opposite :/

    That would confuse me too haha! not to be a total bitch..i mean, I'm not a model myself..so who am I to talk sh*t right lol.

    anyway, I can't assume that it is your fault...like everyone commenting. But maybe that is just his style.

    Im sorry though.. :(

  • maybe he liked her height..

    • Im not talking fat but girls who are a little thick are great in bed I've discovered and I don't know why..there tighter and kinkier and feel so good to be inside haha

  • There is your problem! you personality it's not always looks that get you by

    lesson: Life is cruel and unusably and unfair get over it!

  • maybe, just maybe, its not all about looks! when a guy really emotionally cares for a woman, he sees her as beautiful even if she doesn't look like a model.

    • But then she still looks beautiful to him. So to say that looks don't matter could still be wrong. He could just find her combination of traits to be attractive, while someone else doesn't get why he would like a certain "type". To him, she IS the gorgeous girl

    • I think everyone here is very delusional. Looks are everything to most guys. BTW, they broke up and he is sniffing me out again.

    • Looks are not everything to all guys. They do matter but just because she isn't the definition of "hot" doesn't make her automatically ugly. I bet there was something he found attractive about her even if she didn't look like an A&F model. I feel sorry for girls who think their looks are all they have to bank on, they usually end up getting used for their looks. Have you noticed that a lot of fat/less hot girls are the ones in love or married? Why do you think that is?

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