You are in jail for life, would you do a guy?

So you were sent to prison for life and you had a happy sex life previously with girls but you have now lost your freedom and will never get to do it with a girl again. You still have the drive and you can still enjoy yourself but you you have to do it with guys instead. What would you do?

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  • Yes. In prison you either get raped or you do the raping. When I got sent to jail I was told by buddies who'd been that I'd two choices:
    1 find the biggest baddest guy in the yard and suck his dick for protection.
    2 find the whimpiest bitch in the yard beat him up and rape him so the others know to leave you alone.

    • And what did you do?

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    • I mean what did you do while you were in jail. Did you suck the big guys dick or rape someone?

    • Both. Mostly I tried to rape scrawny weak young guys but would suck a dick if I had too as it beats being gang raped so bad you get hospitalised through rectal trauma. Also I joined a neo nazi gang but I had no choice.
      here's a tip butter makes the best lube and is the best you can expect in prison.

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  • If he had a mouth as pretty as yours, then oh hellz yes!

  • I'm hetero so uninterested, but in jail I'd probably not have the authority to decide... :(

  • No, never