Girls, Is she interested In catching up with me or is she just being nice and wants nothing to do with me?

Sorry if this is long. I really need help. there's this girl that I have strong feelings for that was really good friends with me for a while. I haven't seen her in 4 years and I never told her how I felt and it was eating me up. About a month a go I sent her a message telling her what I felt ( didn't go too much into detail though) because she lived in Tallahassee and I figured I had nothing to lose so I told her so I could move on with my life. Her response was very positive and she understood and told me that if I ever visited Tally to let her know I was in town. I thought that was it but I ran into her at the mall the other day as she was in town for Thanksgiving and she was very happy to see me but a little nervous. I got her number and I asked her if she wanted get coffee with me and she said she would but she was going back to Tallahasee the next day (which she did). But she told me she was coming back for 3 weeks in December and that she'd love to get coffee and catch up when she comes back. My question is now that she knows how I feel about her is she politely rejecting me by being nice or does she seem interested in catching up with me? She's always been honest with me and I know because when she couldn't hangout with me she told me why and she was telling the truth. Please don't be mean. I'm just nervous and confused because I really like her and hoping that I can get her back in my life


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