Guys are you in your feelings when you tell a girl you love her and ask if she loves you than 2 days later ask how many people have you f*ck with now?


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  • ha ha
    it's like someone may have a limit in there mind or sometimes it's competition
    and simply when you first see a house a street you appreciate it and when one good day you come to know you can buy it you go in check it further and add ask lot of questions and since you said him back that you love him too then why you wanna hide anyways
    better be away for who you are than loved with lie!

  • Im not sure what you're asking but love is not enough for a relationship. Its a valid question.

    • My guy friend is always saying I'm in my feelings and I'm just wondering if he says all this wouldn't this count as him being in his feelings?

    • I dont know what that means.

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