Ex deleted me for no reason?


First time this has ever happened to me so I'm a little confused lol. My ex and I never officially broke up. We were dumb & eventually just things just kind of fell apart. We had a misunderstanding & so I gave him some space (too much space) then he started to back way off, then I did, then he did again, and well you get the picture lol. This went on for about 1.5 months. A few weeks into this his roommate told me he was in a weird space. He had stopped working at his multiple jobs, wasn't going out, etc. Not too long after that he reached out to me and we talked like normal and it felt like old times. I reached out to him 10 days later and pretty much asked what was going on. I got no reply. I waited a week & then blocked him on my phone.

This entire time I had not looked at his snapchat (tells you who has viewed your post). He on the other hand kept looking at mine, he eventually stopped, looked at it the day he reached out to me, then stopped again. So we were not looking at each other's posts.

2/3 wks after he last reached out to me he deleted me from snapchat (only social media we have each other on). I was adding someone w/ the same name and saw that he had deleted me. I saw that he posted something last Monday so we were still friends then. Tuesday I went out for my friend's birthday, out on Friday night as well,& a selfie yesterday so he deleted me within that week time frame. He didn't delete my friend though. I just don't understand. I wasn't speaking to him, wasn't looking at his snaps, things didn't end badly between us. I've just been going out, not contacting him, meeting new people-just trying to keep my mind off of things...

A week later after he deleted me his good friend/roommate (from above) added me on snapchat via my cell #(it tells you how a person added you) when he's had my #for months.

I just think that's so immature and stupid. It didn't end on bad terms per se and I wasn't bothering him. I just don't understand why he would do that...
Ex deleted me for no reason?
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