Ex deleted me for no reason?

First time this has ever happened to me so I'm a little confused lol. My ex and I never officially broke up. We were dumb & eventually just things just kind of fell apart. We had a misunderstanding & so I gave him some space (too much space) then he started to back way off, then I did, then he did again, and well you get the picture lol. This went on for about 1.5 months. A few weeks into this his roommate told me he was in a weird space. He had stopped working at his multiple jobs, wasn't going out, etc. Not too long after that he reached out to me and we talked like normal and it felt like old times. I reached out to him 10 days later and pretty much asked what was going on. I got no reply. I waited a week & then blocked him on my phone.

This entire time I had not looked at his snapchat (tells you who has viewed your post). He on the other hand kept looking at mine, he eventually stopped, looked at it the day he reached out to me, then stopped again. So we were not looking at each other's posts.

2/3 wks after he last reached out to me he deleted me from snapchat (only social media we have each other on). I was adding someone w/ the same name and saw that he had deleted me. I saw that he posted something last Monday so we were still friends then. Tuesday I went out for my friend's birthday, out on Friday night as well,& a selfie yesterday so he deleted me within that week time frame. He didn't delete my friend though. I just don't understand. I wasn't speaking to him, wasn't looking at his snaps, things didn't end badly between us. I've just been going out, not contacting him, meeting new people-just trying to keep my mind off of things...

A week later after he deleted me his good friend/roommate (from above) added me on snapchat via my cell #(it tells you how a person added you) when he's had my #for months.

I just think that's so immature and stupid. It didn't end on bad terms per se and I wasn't bothering him. I just don't understand why he would do that...


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  • He moved on... you are a part of his past. It isn't proper for a guy to be in contact with an ex if he finds someone new.

    • That's the thing. We're not in contact. We haven't been in weeks...

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  • I dont see that its stupid and immature. I mean the whole thing on both your part and his was stupid and immature for two people that were supposed to be in a relationship, but what's done is done now. At this point it kind of sounds like it makes sense to me that he should cut ties. Neither of you cts like you are interested in a relationship, just cut the ties and move on. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    • But we've already cut ties...

      That's why I think it's dumb and immature. Especially since he didn't delete his other ex's and didn't delete my friends.

    • He might be having a hard time of it and feels like he needsto cut you completely away so that he can move on. I mean, honestly the wy you guys split is probably one of the worst ways you could possibly do it. I kind of don't blame him... not that its your fault alone. It childish that he doesn't reach out to you and address the situation in the right way, btu same goes for you. If you are set on staying apart then let it go and forget about it. If you want a relationship with him then one of you has to be the adult and do something about it.

    • Def. agree here.

      I'm not sure if izumiblu agrees with me or not but I'm sure he still has feelings for you and that's why he had to remove you. There was no real closure for you two. It sounds like you both really cared for each other but you both were acting dumb so he probably just got tired of the back and forth/games. So it'snot like he stopped liking you. Plus, it seems like he has some personal issues going on. His rommate told you he was in a weird space and to abruptly quit his jobs-something just seems off. So you couple that with the silly games he probably just feel like he doesn't need that right now. He's probably trying to get his personal issue resolved right now. All of this is a recipe for it being pretty hard to move on from someone that you care about. He probably doesn't want to but needs to because there was no reason to reach out to you. Like I said it's probably a struggle for him right now.

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  • I think it's fine

    It's no big deal

    I don't see it as immature thing. Perhaps he wants only really close group of people to be on his friend list or whatever.

    • That's what I originally thought too but he didn't remove my friend (they're def. not close). So no I was just singled out haha.

  • Well is ur ex, maybe he is over u now. Hint "ex"