Should I text him if he told me I should after the date?

I went on a second date with a guy and he is clearly interested in me. He asked me to text him in the morning after the date was over. I'm not sure if I should though because I feel the ball should be in his court and I'm used to guys being the one to always message first. I'm thinking its possible he is insecure and wants to make sure I'm interested and not seem too clingy? or am I making excuses and he should still be the one to message me first?

He ended up texting me! I suppose i'm just insecure in that in my past i came off as too needy so i feel now if the guy is interested he will make the effort despite him saying i should text him


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  • Why should he be the one to message first? Do you want equality or not? He has already asked you to text so he's made the first move in that sense. Just text him. If you wait and he waits then nobody texts and the whole thing ends up nowhere.


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  • Message the guy. your over thinking it. just say hey good morning. let him carry the conversation from there.

    • just message him and say hey wanna meet up for Starbucks. in this case take the first step. you have to be the hunter and let him be the prey.

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  • you want him or not
    whats that rule that says guys first guys first
    if that's a true rule sex on first date could be compulsory.. will you agree to that too lol

  • Just text him and stop worrying. It's your choice but don't be afraid. Just be natural when talking.

  • You are gonna wait for him to text and he's gonna wait for your text... End result - no one makes a move..
    won't hurt to make the first move.. text him😉


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