Does he have a soft corner for me?

It's been a month since I have begun to work at a workplace on contract basis worth 3 months. There's a guy who sits right in front of my desk. During several little discourses, I found him very mature and sensible. I find myself getting impressed with him and like him. He is good-looking, and has a good sense of humour.

I observed few things within him which I find like needing to get clarified. I saw him looking at my hands thrice. And when I made a mistake at workplace, I saw him correcting me humbly. Furthermore, whenever a senior inquires something from me I observe he turns back to check (observer) what's going on.

The other day, we all were going out for lunch when my coordinator instructed me to e-mail something urgently. However, he said to me: "Better do it once you return, otherwise you won't be able to catch them for a ride to restaurant." And also when the postman was waiting outside to deliver a parcel, and I had sent the office boy after speaking to him over call, he added on to me: "Better tell postman how he looks like, otherwise he won't be able to recognise him."

Does he have a soft corner for me? Or am I taking him emotionally? I myself like the person, to be honest.


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  • He's just doing his due diligence as a MAN...
    one thing females don't understand is that we are Born to look out for you, to preserve you, because nature speaks to us and y'all are necessary for... well... some stuff...
    Damn, i got deeper than i should have...
    basically he is doing what nature says, and you, as a woman are responding.
    In all honesty, i think he is just being a good co-worker since you are new.


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  • Office crushes are common. don't read to much into it. just focus on your work if he really likes you. he'll let you know before you leave. otherwise you could just remind him of a sister or friend and that's why he likes helping you.

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