How to talk to girls?

I like a girl a lot, and it seems like I can only talk to her about classes and work, I think she might like me, but I never know what to say, at my age I should probably know, but I don't haha, any ideas on how to approach her without boring the hell out of her


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  • Do you just want to talk to her about something other than school or ask her out?

    • I wanna ask her out

    • Ask her if she has plans for the weekend if she does you can turn that into a conversation if she doesn't have plans ask her if she wants to meet up to do something. If she says yes get her number.

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  • Why would you wanna talk to her if you don't have anything to say?

    • I want us to maybe be friends and ask her out at some point

    • Let me tell ya something: every girl I've ever liked a lot I only liked BECAUSE I can talk to them easily, and talking to them is the highlight of my week every time it happens.

      So I don't understand how you people think you like these people when you have never held a good conversation with them. You can't really get to know them in the first place...
      Actually maybe it's just me who has to get to know a girl before I decide I like her.

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