How can a shy guy tell if a girl is interested in him?

I'm 18yo, a fresher at university in England. My course is engineering so there aren't many girls, most girls I meet are in night clubs. But I just don't know how to tell if they're into me. I'm also shy and I feel like of I just go up to them and try dance with them then I'll be like all the other creepy guys in the club. Can somebody help me out here?


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  • It takes more than that to be a creep. Go dance! Or you can just ask her to dance instead of just dancing at her, if that makes you feel better. Join stuff at uni too, girls always join these groups.

    • Yeah, I've had it where girls have danced with me before. Last night actually, but then when I showed more interest in her she just didn't respond and carried on. I found it really hard to read her, another time a girl danced right in front of me but wouldn't do anything more until I placed my hand on her waist. Then she started dancing on me, but I found it hard to detect signals for me to make that move. Other than the fact she danced near me at first

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    • Yea, don't buy drinks, as you said, you're on student money lol. And tons of girls will obviously accept the drink even if they aren't interested. If you both smoke, you can tell her to come out for a smoke you can have a quick chat.
      Just ask for her number instead of buying her a drink though. Unless maybe you're at one of those really cheap drinks places.

      Cheap dates- o2 have that 1 free cinema ticket if you pay for 1.
      You can Google tons of places to eat that do one eats free too. Science museums can be fun, and different to what other guys would suggest.
      Tons of free comedy nights, or ones where you just need to buy 2 drinks, or just cheap ones that cost £2-£8 to get in and they're usually pretty decent too. Coffee and cake at a local coffee shop not a chain. Boat rides. Free festival or concerts. And try to get mid week dates instead of weekends, because it'll be quieter and there are more special offers.

    • Oh yeah, a lot of girls might take a free drink... I've done that before too😂

      Yeah I don't smoke, so I'll probably have to just ask for her number once she's given a signal I've noticed. I'll try that next time haha, thanks for the advice !

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  • Relax about the creep thing. One girl's opinion of you doesn't matter, and honestly the same behavior is interpreted differently by different people.
    They usually like you if they keep eye contact for more than 1 second. They may or may not smile, but if they do smile when you look at them that's definitely a good sign. If they tilt their body away from your direction or their face turns sour when you make eye contact that's a no-go.

    When you approach them imagine you're going up to your guy friend. You don't worry if you are creeping out your guy friend or what he thinks of you because you said hi do you? it shouldn't be any different here.

    Here are a few do nots:
    * Don't get grabby/touchy with the girls under any circumstance. Even a pat on the back that's totally fine in normal environment can come across the wrong way to some because in the clubs they tend to have their guard up.
    * Don't say anything overtly sexual to them. If you want them to know you are interested just compliment them on something nonsexual while making long eye contact. they'll get it.

    • I often end up dancing with girls but they never seem to do anything further. I try make some form of contact and that's usually when they either dance on me or show no further interest. But I always struggle to get further than them dancing on me, even if I have my hand on their waist and they literally grind on me. I feel like I must be missing something

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    • Oh right okay, thanks man I'll try that out. Maybe go to a few more bar nights instead haha

    • lol. good luck

  • u can't know the answer without asking