Is it too early to fool around?

First I'm going to give you the back story first I moved to this town in October of 2015 this guy started talking to me around December or January. We talked everyday than me and another girl who was also new became friends she told me she like him to so we stopped talking because I felt bad ( me and her are best friends now and she doesn't like him anymore) in April we started talking again then in May him and I started hanging out towards the end of July we started dating and around the end of August I broke up with him (personal reasons ) the. In the beginning if November we got back together and it has been better than last time me and him started fooling around do you think I should stop and give it some time? I don't know if I should have walinger longer or is that okay

Please give your honest opinion

P. s. I'm make sure if it makes a difference but is a small school me and him are both seniors and the same age and we are both very private people


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  • Does he treat you with respect? Do you go on dates a lot? Is he a good friend and a good person? Does your family like him for you?

    • Definitely he's very respectful with me. Before we started dating we had A LOT of movie dates we still do. he is a good friend and we were good friends before dating. My mom loves him my step-dad doesn't know him that well but like him