First time at a party?

I'm going to prom and then after a party and it will be my first party lol I know I don't get out much. People say I'm good looking but I struggle with confidence. Girls have liked me before but I couldn't finish.

I wonder if the line of hair going down from your belly button is OK or should I shave it off. I have abs too, but I'm worried about social skills, unless I drink.

Also I want to know if I'm in shape. I ran a mile in 6 min. I'm about 5 9 but only 140 lbs, but I have abs and people say I'm strong for my size. I can do about 50-60 push ups and you can't see my ribcage, so I'm not skinny.

And the last thing is that there is this girl who I had a major crush on since last year and I think she did too but I couldn't talk to her and approach her so now she has a boyfriend but she still looks at me occasionally and I think she still may like me.

So I wonder if something unexpected yet awesome will happen with me and her at prom, and maybe after. I don't have a prom date either

Your views on all this? Thanks :))


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  • 1.You don't have to shave that hair unless your planning on taking your shirt off at the prom or something. But, that doesn't really matter, you can shave it if you want to. sounds to me like your in good shape said that this girl already has a boyfriend so I think it's pretty safe to assume that they will be going to prom together so I doubt something will happen between you two. say you don't have a date yet soget one, since nothing will probably happen with this one girl, try to find another girl that you may have a crush on that doesn't already have a date and see where things go.

    Hope I helped, goodluck:)


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