How to meet new women as a new guy in town?

The question oversimplifies things, but I'm a relatively new Army soldier (infantry) who got stationed on the literal opposite side of the country from where I have lived my whole life. I love it here, but I have never been anywhere near flirtatious with women (I've always been described as the strong silent type although I can be loud around friends) my MOS in the army includes absolutely no women (due to it being a combat role) I'm one of those guys that currently does not have a car and lives in the barracks, and I am probably one of the only infantry guys who does not drink, smoke, or dip (I know I'm like a unicorn). I've been here a month now and I've gone places with friends and such off base, but all my friends ever do are hookups or hit up the strip clubs which is fine, but I'm looking for an actual relationship and I have yet to meet a single woman here. Any advice?


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  • Where are you stationed? I can definitely help lol

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