Me& my girlfriend friends expected me to fall head of heels in love with my girlfriend in just 5 months and feel am using her.. what should I do?

So my girlfriend just told me all of our friends but 3 think am using her before hearing this i thought they were my friends and was going to buy us all friendship necklace with a group photo we all took in then. Reason 1 why they think am using her. they all don't understand why am not head of heels in love with my girlfriend when its only been 5 months. i am 100% honest with my girlfriend and everyone about how i feel and they all known my last 2 relationship end pretty badly. the first one was by forced by my ex girlfriend parents it was so bad i almost give up on life , lost who i was, lost faith in god and even almost killed myself once that was 2 years ago n still effects mt today. i known for near half of my life she was my best friend and the only person i had to talk too so i lost apart of me. 2. Bad break up i was cheated on 2 times this was 5 months before i start dating my current girlfriend.

Reason 2 why they think am using her.
My girlfriend just brought me a car for $650 which i paid her back the $650 all ready. before you go off let me explan.
I had saved up a pretty good amout for a car 3 times but i use too have this bad habit of billing my money out of trouble long story short i learned to stop doing that or my mom won't learn from her mistake's if i keep billing her out. I just felt bad always telling my girlfriend no when ever she would ask to help me. So i sit her down and told her how i felt. We have almost perfect relationship we spilt the bill 50-50 and even buy each other breakfast, dinner even her mom jealously of our relationship we have. I do have strong feeling for my girlfriend but am just not in love with her am just going with the flow something i learned from her.


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  • Sounds like a good relationship and they should not force you to go faster than you would like to. Talk to your girlfriend and let her know how you feel. I'm sure with what you described she'll understand why you are not at the point she and her friends expect you to be.

    • Sorry i left the part out my girlfriend understand why am not at that point yet amd says its ok. While our so called friends are telling her am using her amd dont support her dating me. Yet she a lot more happy since dating me and tells me all the time how happy she is and wants to hold on to what we have. If my girlfriend can understand this why can't our friends understand this?

    • Have you and your girlfriend sit them down and have a discussion about your relationship and give them your collective point of view and ask them that if they happen to have negative feelings about your relationship and where it currently stands to please keep it to themselves as it bothers you.

    • Yes my girlfriend has spoke too then but still has not changed their minds.

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  • How can you stay in a relationship with someone without being in love with them? I do not understand that.


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