What should the first message be?

Alright, here is the situation...

There is this girl that I'm like so in love with, any she accepted my friend request on facebook today, I would like to send a message but I'm really not sure what to send. I haven't talked to her in person yet because I am really shy


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  • Start by saying hi to her.


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  • Dear Username110011,

    approaching women may prove to be a challenge, as you are clearly aware. The most common challenge men face is fear, followed and often caused by insecurity. There are also many factors which decide the outcome of an approach, but fortunately, most of the necessary qualities develop naturally.
    I highly suggest that you learn from these men: Jad T Johnson, Arash Dibazar, Elliott Hulse; you will find them on YouTube.
    As for now, I will give you one short lesson, and it has to do with displaying your value. See, when you approach a woman, you have to give her a reason to stay interested in you. Your qualities and standards have to be obvious, as well as your intention (s). Imagine having a big sign above your head, which lists your intentions, and all your good and bad qualities.
    As for texting, I suggest keeping it short, simple, playfull, and definitely gravitating towards your desired goal, which is meeting her in person.
    So, be you, be open, have fun, display your views without shame, and keep it playfull.
    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic, send a message and I will reply.

    Best regards, lijep pozdrav,


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  • just say hi the rest will come

  • Just say "Hi."