I'm 23 and never had a girlfriend, is this a turn off for girls?

It's not like I'm ugly.

You can decide for yourself my Instagram is AntonP35

I've just been single so long that I don't really need anyone, but I would like to share my time with someone. And it would take a specia someone to make me want to share my time.

Down side is obviously I don't know how to 'relationship' well or communicate my wants etc

Is the lack of experience a turn off

Also never been kissed so also there's that


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  • OK I am going to be really really honest here. It doesn't matter and if you meet a girl an she's turned off by it then it's her loss.

    Honestly you're cute, attractive, fit, you seem like a good person. And you don't come with baggage. The time you've spent single is a time you actually devoted to yourself, to being kind and understanding with yourself and that is some serious thing that many people should have been doing instead or f***ing around, breaking up and making upend just accumulating so much drama that would create plenty of barriers.

    Do not worry, the only thing that could be a downside if you decide to see this experience of yours as unattractive and feel ashamed. People (men and women) sense shame and despair and they flee from it. Otherwise as long as you're confident there really shouldn't be any issue

    • also many guys your age aren't as experienced as they think when it comes to women, just because they date and have sex a lot doesn't mean they do it right or are actually trying to learn something from it...

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  • yes. they will think you are a beta. women do conscious and unconscious thoughts like. "what are his defects"? "why women dont want him?" "how did he manage celibacy tll now is he gay?" "he will have no way with women/will be seduction-retarded" etc. you have to really beat your ego if you want to begin becoming a part of the "game". and i advise staying away from the women you currently find hot. you should rewire your brain to have healthier standards. or else a lot of pain awaits you if you mess with most of these women your immature self craves... .

    • there ARE good women out there. aim in that direction.

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  • depends on the reason why...

    • Never really appreciated myself

      Always hated the person I saw in the mirror

      I thought if I couldn't love myself how could anyone love me?

      But now that I've been putting in work and I'm comfortable with being my weird self.

      I want my partner to know that I have waited to share the experience and my time with them. Not as a fling to gain experience but because, but because I care and hope they would aswell.

      I would like my first kiss to mean something to them aswell.

    • that's awesome! I haven't ran across many guys like you. wish I did

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  • Most girls find it unnatractive, but many will tolerate it if they think the good outweighs the bad.

  • My younger brother is the same age as you and in the exact same situation

  • dont believe them when they say "nahh its ok"