This guy was hostile & said I "f**ked him over"? Did I really?

A YEAR ago I matched with a dude on tinder. I've matched with so many. Met up with some. This guy and I hardly even talked besides what we do for our profession and how we were that day. A few days later he had asked my to a fashion show since he's a fashion designer, that weekend. I said I didn't know and would have to get back to him since I was in school at the time. A few days before I said we should try for another day because I wouldn't be able to make it (it's a 40 min drive as well). So a week or so later he messaged me and asked if I wanted to go for coffee and he could meet me at my town. I agreed but said there was a snow storm coming and maybe we should hold off (it was a big storm too not a small one). And he never responded. Ever.

then today he messaged me on Instagram (idk how he found my Instagram?) it has been a year later mind you, that I "fucked him over at least once or twice and that I should block him otherwise he is going to troll me for payback."

How did I fuck him over?
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+1 y
Can someone explain to me how it's even "kinda"?
+1 y
by the way the first time I said I couldn't make it was because I had work (at Starbucks) that night, and I was the only employee working
This guy was hostile & said I "f**ked him over"? Did I really?
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