Why is this guy acting like this? Does he like me?

Hi , so I found a guy on instagram who I found very attractive , his profile was public so I kept viewing it. I then proceeded to give him a follow and I liked one of his pictures. After getting no response , I unfollowed him and unliked his picture. A couple of weeks later I saw him at an event I was attending but I didn't speak to him and I didn't think he saw me. I then get a follow request of him so I accept. It's been 3 weeks and he's not spoken to me on instagram or liked any of my pictures? What is happening and why is he making no effort to contact me after I accepted his follow request ,


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  • Why play games? Why must women just sit there and wait and hope the man will do all the work? Send him a message for god sakes then you won't be wondering and questioning on gag what is going on with him. You added him then unfollowed him... mmmm ok... then he added you so there is a certain level of interest in my opinion so do something about it or forget about him and move on


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  • People follow people on Instagram all the time with no intentions of going out with them? People are curious, we want to stalk your pics and see what's happening in your life. Just because a guy wants to follow you on there doesn't always mean they want to date you, especially if it's been 3 weeks and he hasn't initiated anything


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  • Because he probably isn't in to you lol (P. S that's pathetic that you unfollowed AND unliked his picture lmao)

  • Do people still use Instagram in the 30s I thought it would usually be Facebook at that age but either way it is kind of strange

    • I'm 25 actually 😄

    • Oh ok, I guess not many ages are correct on here, but some people just follow and unfollow for no real reason at times except to just be nosy I guess

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