Does she/he have to like you back for you to ask her/him out?

A lot of "does he/she like me" topics are opened here and i want to know, what's the point?

Knowing your chances are 50/50 no matter the probability you get here, does it even matter in the end? I mean, will it change anything, honestly?

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What Girls Said 1

  • The worst that could happen is they could say no. Personally even if I don't per say like the guy back I usually at least give him one chance once I get to know him better. But you shouldn't freak out if someone says no


What Guys Said 1

  • Exactly right. It's because people are too afraid to take action due to insecurity, the fear of rejection etc. Ask them out? WHAT? But what if they don't like me? Big deal. Who give a shit if they don't like you, what you're going to crumble into a little ball and be immobilized for the rest of your life?

    If people spent less time wondering and more time doing they might actually achieve something. And I'm talking from personal experience, I used to wonder all the time. I'd have the girl of my dreams looking at me every day, trying to cut in on conversations with my friends so she could talk to me... And I'm sitting there like "I think she likes me, maybe I should ask her out... No I can't do that, that's too intimidating... I'll just ask my friends if they think she likes me and we can wonder about it" Do that for the entire year, meanwhile, things change, people leave and I never see her again. It took years of that happening before I'm like, that's it, enough of this shit, it's time to take action.