Ladies do you like it when a guy calls you out of nowhere and tells you he really likes you?

and I don't mean a stranger I just mean how would you feel about a call or a text kind of out of the blue from someone you flirt with a lot would you like that ?


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  • Lacking female input...

    It's a mixed bowl my friend.

    Of course they would appreciate it if they felt the same way, but then its the aspect of the emotional "umph" behind it. If I was serious with someone and for some reason wanted to say I liked them (no reason to say it...) I would want it to be something better then a random phone call. Maybe during a cuddling session or just somewhere when I can look into their eyes and say it. More provoking then a phone call... but nonetheless appreciated.

    Anybody likes to hear they are liked... Common sense.

    Also saying you like someone has the potential to ruin built attraction. They want to hear you like them, if you don't that just makes them want it more. Personally I don't like saying that stuff in words, but in many actions and subtleties. This is of course if you don't want anything serious with them and just looking for fun. If you are getting serious, then go ahead... just say it in their presence rather through text/call.


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  • thatd be cool only if I liked them too. otherwise it would probably be awkward. iv had some of my close friends tell me they like me and it makes things kinda weird if I'm not into it.

    but if ur not completely in the friend zone I guess thatd be cool.

  • YES! even if they don't like you back, its still flattering and still cute ! (:


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  • Ask yourself that: Would you like to be caught in a business meeting or on a night out on the town or after a hard days work with the extra drama of hearing that so-and-so and such-and-such likes you?

    It's called delivery, and rarely is random delivery, even in seemingly random situations like improv acting, good. I lack a vagina but own some common sense, but rest assured know that someone out there somewhere wants you to randomly, while they are urinating at work in a stall ( which you could never have known ), tell them you love them to pieces.

    • Why waiste ur timein responding clearly you are mad cool if you have nothing better to do than write terrible responces ur name shud be dumb ass black kid

    • Actually, he makes a valid point.

    • Not when its a questiong for the ladies why bother even asnwering than just go away move on the next ? some people just feel the need to be assholes