She won't apologize and she's playing games?

Sorry about the grammar had no time

I had an argument over text with my friend where i called her out on some things and she never apologized for any of it and now she's acting very immature about everything she told other people that she didn't feel anything for me but when i asked her about it she said she never said any of that and now when she sees me at work she runs away and yesterday she had one of our friends walk her to her car in case she saw me but i always catch her staring at me i dont know why she's only doing with me we were very close and spent a lot of time together her other friends have pulled worse shit with her and she's always easy to forgive them and i'm really too old to be playing these games i want to call her but she is the one who should be apologizing and i really dont want to admit defeat what should i do?


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  • Just apologise. You may feel you said what you needed to but she obviously took offense aswell.


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