Moved to fast, now she's gone cold?

Me and this girl have known eachother for about a month, met through mutual friends. And 2 nights ago was our first date, we have probably spent about 46 hours on the phone together in real time... She would flirt with me on the phone like crazy, and we both knew we were crushing on eachother and were vocal about it. Our night together was amazing, she was crazy happy to see me, we would sing and be dorks in the car. Just felt right. We went to a small concert together, she held my hand everywhere we went. Layed on my chest during the whole concert and were just having an all around good time. We carried on the same energy all night. Naturally we got back to her place, and her roomates were in the living room so we were just listening to music cuddling in her bed. I was trying to take things slow regardless of my extreme attraction to this girl. And she probably kissed me on the cheek 30 times periodically and i did not make a move.. Knowing i didn't want to go down a path that i didn't want to the first night. Then she asked if i wanted to go to her theatre room where it was a little warmer. She layed on me I stayed strong for another 10 minutes and then we started making out and fooled around. Not having sex but ya know... lol. And 100% honest i did not make any advances unless she persisted and clearly showed me she wanted it. The entire time she was saying litterally it was "ecstasy" and she's never had a more succssesful night. I stopped us from going any further, we just sat back down and talked and fell asleep together. She kissed me goodbye in the morning and told me shewould text me later and to drive safe. Well something changed and she texted me basically saying she was worried that most guys just want action from here and she's never had that attraction the first night. So all i could do was text her what she meant to me and what makes me like her so much, besides physical attraction. I truly loved being with her and could see a future with her.. help lol


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  • she just needs some reasurrance that you arnt like the guys who are slime balld and user and cheaters, i think she likes you, she's just scared

    • ok, which is exactly what i texted her. I wasn't agressive or mad, just respectfully told her all the highlights of my night with her about how all the little things are what makes me like her so much. I haven't heard back from her, should i just wait it out until she gets out of her head a little and can see all the fun we had and not just the regret if thats what she's feeling? thank you for your comment by the way.

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    • Well she hasn't even responded to me yet, And our thing is music. So i texted her the reasurance text, then sent another saying "Maybe when i can't explain how i feel abut you the best, music can for me" then linked her a song that describes how im feelin. Im scared she will just dissapear. None of it adds up haha. But thank you! ill comment to you on what happens if you want haha :)

    • your welcome, sure i wanna know if it helped lol

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