Would you try to date someone that other people set you up with?

Well, since I started working, I've been considered almost like the child of the work place. I'm the youngest, as well as the smallest person who works there. So a lot of the older people try to look out for me, and it's become a thing that apparently I'm just very soft spoken and sweet and shy. I'm working on the shyness though, now I sometimes even make eye contact with customers! It's also said I'm one of the most "smiley" people who work there.

There is now this new guy whose been here about two months. Like me, he's considered to be sweet and smiley, but he's a lot more out going than I am, much chattier, and very friendly. And he started talking to me right away, he came and sat right with me on his very first day even! And we've become pretty close I think. Like we always take our breaks together when we can. And well, recently people have been insisting that he likes me. My boss even pointed out one night that when he was walking away he turned back to look at me. And I did meet his mother as well, she came through my lane one day and she was very nice. Then he met my mom later on that same night because she came into the store to get a return done. (My mother loves him now, just as everyone else does), and everyone is just always talking about what a perfect couple we'd make. And I do like him very much, but I've never really dated before, and I'm just not sure if I like him, or if I'm just thinking about him because everyone has gone and put the idea in my head, and in any case, if I should give it a chance or not?

Would you gagers try it out if other people suggested you and someone date?
I'd give it a shot, what's the worst that can happen?
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I wouldn't. Too high a risk.
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Would you try to date someone that other people set you up with?
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