Should I ask him out?

I talked to my crush for the first time 2 months ago. It was just a really short conversation that felt a bit awkward since we don't even know each others name. Afterwards, he never talked to me again and I never said anything else to him. I still want to get to know him but i don't if I should just back off. Should I keep trying?


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  • Keep trying it's ok, you haven't done anything wrong. I think you two are just too new to it all and don't know how to proceed. Just try to talk to him and get to know him a little more. I think you guys can get a little further in your relationship. You have to find ways to give him more of a clue that you like him, I think right now, he just doesn't know.


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  • Well you only talked to the guy once. Keep talking to him; he's probably just shy to talk to you since you guys don't really know each other. Keep talking to him, I'm sure you guys will get closer

    • Should I just be friendly or flirty?

    • Well that's up to you. If you like him then flirt, if you wanna be friends then be friendly

  • keep trying,


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