Don't guys want to text/talk to girls they like?

Ok so I met this guy, first night we went out with friends just to be introduced. Wasn't that great since it turns out we got separated and i didn't get a chance to get his number. Then I message him on Facebook to hang out and he sends me his number. We talk for Like an hour then he stops the convo by not responding. Then a few days later he asks to take me out for coffee. We go out and it was great. Never got a text again. So I figured to wait a week and then ask him out. He was very one worded and short with me and the convo kind of went nowhere and just ended wth a whenever you are free type of thing.

by the way I forgot to mention we workout at the same gym so we see each other there and he does weird flirting things like kicking my weights, taking my headphones etc. also forgot To mention that my ex boyfriend works out there as well and he knows him and I are still talking. But my ex likes to tell everyone we are still dating.

Anyway then like a month later we start talking more and he asks me to go to a movie with him and at the end of the date he kisses me, not a makeout. I thanked him for the movie afterwards. And I haven't heard from him yet and it's been a few days. We never really had texting convos, but I would like to so I can get to know him.

Don't guys want to text girls they are interested in? I'm just confused as to if he's interested or not. And i don't think he's trying to use me for anything cuz he's very slow moving.
Don't guys want to text/talk to girls they like?
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