Great first date, now what?

We had a fantastic first date. We hung out for almost five hours and besides awkward jitters in the very beginning, we had a great time and great conversation. Even on the date he asked me if I would be free two days later for him to come over and help me with something. Anyway, we went out for a drink/walk around town, then back to my place. We just talked for a few hours. Eventually he had to leave, and when we hugged bye he asked me if we could do this again sometime, and told me he had a good time (which is typical end of the date polite speak). But right when he got home, he texted me telling me he had a good time, which I took as a great sign. It's officially been about 4 days since and I haven't heard from him. Today I sent him a quick text saying "Hey, I'm a bit bummed we never ended up having our little date at my place yesterday. Hope work went well :) xx" and no reply from him. What's up with that? Why would he go out of his way to text me that he had a good time if he truly didn't? should I wait it out?
Great first date, now what?
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