When to ask her for a 2nd date?

A girl at work that I've had my eyes on for couple months has a resting bitch face. our mutual female friend has told me good things bout her but I've never had the courage to say hi maybe coz it's work or maybe coz i hate rejection. anyway fast fwd 2 months to last Friday and I seen her on a dating app for the first time!! so i say hi from the dating app and she says she'll come over and say hi on Monday at work.
We bump into each other in the kitchen and instantly hit it off. i asked her out for a coffee and she said "Yes I'm free at 4pm!!"

We went downstairs outside for a coffee and talked and talked. she was focused on me the whole conversation and listening etc. did not once touch her phone.

Surely she is interested in me too right? am i asking a dumb question..

I want to ask her out again but this time outside of work hours. should I wait till wed or thurs perhaps?


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  • Seems like she's interested 😊 Don't wait too long to ask for a second one or it'll seem like you aren't


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  • wait a week after the first date then go for it also stop talking bout yourself and let her talk women love to talk i have a book you need to read message me for it it explains everything you need to do