Mixed women don't find love like that so soon?

I am half black half Italian, and sometimes it's like so hard for me to find someone lol seriously tho. Some black guys only like white women and think down upon the mixed chicks yet want mixed kids which I don't get, and then some black guys only love fully black women like I guess because they have similar backgrounds like in family wise. Also with Hispanic guys I tried but it feels like they don't like mixed women because she won't understand his family culture or whatever, and I would feel like when I was going out with a Dominican that his family would talk about me in Spanish. It just feels this sometimes I know it's stupid to think but being mixed and finding love can be hard at times.


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  • It's hard cause the person dating that's mixed are meeting the wrong people or have standards that make her like guys who don't like her cause of said reasons. Always go for guys you want to attract. Not cause you find attractive. If you like drawing find guys who like drawing and see how it is. Don't go finding guys who the typical male who ain't going offer nothing in the end besides looks and different desires.

  • The reason why I won't date mixed women cuz some mixed women assume black men self hate they love light skin black men care about it. It not true. It annoys me I only like women with nice big booty and personality. I dont care about color. I don't think black men obsessed about light skin much as people thought


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  • I think it really depends on the culture. Some people are openminded, some aren't, some have a wider preference than others :o

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