I'm 16 and have never kissed a guy. Does this explain why I always think about guys?

I've never been kissed. I tell people I have and I've read so many articles and have watched so many how-tos, that I probably know every tricking the book.

guys have liked me before but I'm way too shy to pursue anything so I've never kissed anyone.

is this why I always think about kissing guys even though I don't like them in that way?

or why I think about guys at all?


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  • I used to think about it a lot until I did...then I did and did other stuff *lol* and now Its not that big a deal if I don't...Like I did them tried if out saw what the hype was and now I'm cool with not doing or with doing if I find someone...

    • Thank you, this really reassured me that its normal.

    • Btw thot you might like to know I was 18 at my first kiss. So don't worry at all...I was told I caught on quite quick...seems its easy to learn and make up for lost time.

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  • One answer: hormones. I've neveer kissed a girl before, and I think about girls all the time. But this goes basically for all teenagers, whether they've kissed someone or not. The constant influx of hormones into our system makes our minds stray towards the opposite sex more that seems normal. But trust me, it it. And a little hint, if you like a guy, TELL HIM! I have missed many opportunities with girls because they never share the fact that they're interested in me. It's all about confidence. Hope this helped!

    • Wow, thanks. I'm glaad to see I'm not the only one with this pproblem.

      this helped(:

    • Yep, anytime! Could you do me a favor and answer my latest question? I don't usually like soliciting answers, but I kinda need this one answered by tomorrow.

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  • You are a teenage girl, and that is why you think about guys.You won't think about them less even after you kiss .